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The Oceanographic Foundation of Gipuzkoa considers Quality to be a strategic element; the person responsible for this aspect is the Managing Director, who will establish all objectives for its introduction. Quality must be explained to the entire organisation as a competitive value, in which the Chair, the Board, the Steering Committee and all professionals at the Foundation will participate with objectives that bring the OFG closer to and on track for achieving Continuous Improvement.

With a view to guaranteeing management based on the Continuous Improvement of its environmental processes and performance, the FOG (Fundación Oceanográfica de Gipuzkoa) goes about its work based on the Management System according to Standards UNE-EN ISO 9001-2015 and UNE-EN 14001:2015 with the aim of satisfying all interested third parties and changes in environmental behaviour.

For all of the above, and to ensure its successful development, the foundation establishes its MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY, made up of the following principles:

• Alignment of the processes and services provided with the demands and needs of interested third parties.

• Assuring the fulfilment of requirements, including legal and statutory, and of other requirements to which the FOG is committed.

• The Management System instituted by the FOG will be revised annually, helping us to set goals for improvement in keeping with our strategic plan.

• We will involve our personnel in continuous improvement; on the one hand, by means of the different departmental and interdepartmental meetings at which improvement opportunities will be analysed by the work teams, and on the other, by fostering their participation thanks to enabling different channels of communication.
• The FOG understands training its personnel to be a key element for the continuous improvement of its Management System.

• In the Environmental System integrated to the Foundation Management System, along with these principles, the following are essential:

- Commitment to protecting the environment including the prevention of contamination and evaluating the environmental impacts caused by FOG with a view to their prevention, elimination or reduction.

- Working to ensure that the FOG personnel, its suppliers or other interested parties who participate in our organisation apply environmental practices in keeping with our policy.

- As far as possible, to incorporate the rational consumption of energy and natural resources.

• The FOG management aims to guarantee the safety of all people in the organisation:

- By introducing a Management System for Integrated Health and Safety at Work to prevent accidents. This means detecting potential risks and introducing the necessary corrective actions to protect workers, also fulfilling legislation on Health and Safety at Work.

Prevention is also the responsibility of each and every one of us who work at the FOG. Our participation in introducing and developing the system will result in an increasingly safer and more efficient workplace. Here the intention is to improve the working conditions of people in the organisation and in so doing to improve their satisfaction, thereby achieving greater efficiency and motivation at work and an improvement in their quality of life at work.

The Management undertakes to provide the necessary resources to develop and introduce the Management System for Integrated Health and Safety at Work.

The policy will be available for consultation by the interested third parties and will be communicated throughout the organisation to ensure that it is understood.

The Managing Director, together with the Head of Management Systems, will control fulfilment of the system established in the Manual. In turn, each and every member of our organisation is expected to accept and actively collaborate in fulfilling said policy, and in so doing to promote the Management System based on continuous improvement to which we are committed.

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